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d-joypad v2.0.0 A: You can use input.is_joypad() or input.joypad(). This is the same API as that for input.is_gamepad() and input.gamepad(). There are 3 methods to check whether the given device is a joystick or gamepad. input.is_joypad() Return True if the device is a gamepad, False otherwise. input.is_joystick() Return True if the device is a joystick, False otherwise. input.is_gamepad() Example: if input.is_joypad(): # do something with gamepad elif input.is_joystick(): # do something with joystick else: # do something with mouse or keyboard Then you can use a joypad state module as follows to detect its position, direction, etc. import joypad print('joypad is detected!') joypad.get_joypad_info() joypad.get_joypad_info() returns the below dictionary {'buttons': [{'pressed': False, 'index': 0}, {'pressed': False, 'index': 1}], 'dpad_left': {'pressed': False, 'index': 2, 'direction': -1}, 'dpad_right': {'pressed': False, 'index': 3, 'direction': 1}, 'dpad_down': {'pressed': False, 'index': 4, 'direction': 0}, 'dpad_up': {'




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